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Elevating global standards with exceptional, unmatched Dutch craftsmanship in advanced industrial heat exchange.

Materials & Geometries

Materials available for heat exchangers fabrication may be selected within a wide range, comprising aluminium alloys, carbon steels, stainless and duplex steels, copper, coppernickel and titanium. 

By using many different configurations fins shapes, tubes diameter, staggered or in-line geometries we can offer specific cost effective solutions optimized for each application, holding in consideration Customers’ requirements (i.e. limited space available, low allowable pressure drops, corrosion resistance, easy access for cleaning and inspection).


Our production begins with premium materials, ensuring durability and optimal performance. Leveraging advanced techniques and precision machinery, we transform these materials into state-of-the-art heat exchangers. Each step is marked by rigorous quality checks, upholding our commitment to excellence. Dive into the images below to witness this fusion of art and engineering firsthand.


Our engineering philosophy centers on blending innovative designs with precision-focused methodologies. With a deep understanding of thermal dynamics, our team crafts solutions that not only meet industry standards but elevate them. Delve into the images below to gain insights into our engineering prowess.

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ICARUS Heat Exchangers

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